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Today we share with you all the work and thoughts of emerging graphic designer Beck Turner, who recently completed her course at the Manchester School of Art. We love her design work and especially her work with typography and font design.

“I’m a recent graphic design graduate from Manchester School of Art. Although Manchester has completely won my heart, I’m originally from a town called Andover in Hampshire (not Holland, which many people seem to think). I initially wanted to pursue a future in photography before choosing the graphic design path on my Art Foundation course. I was mesmerised by all the aspects and processes of design – typography, letterpress, screen-printing to name but a few and I experimented with as many image making techniques as I could – including some rather dodgy typeface choices, I’m sure.”

“A lot of my work has a strong orientation around typography, I even chose to design my own typeface whilst on my course – which is no mean feat, I assure you.  It’s not just the typography itself that intrigues me though, I love wording and slogans, plus I’m a sucker for a good pun and if I thought of it – even better! All my course mates came to me to think of catchy phrases, names or titles for them. I’ve recently found a new great love for hand drawn type. I think it is getting a huge presence in the industry right now and I can’t stop experimenting with it. It’s a way of showing your true personality. One day I hope to be even half as good as the amazing letterer Seb Lester.”

Since graduating I have taken part in several internships around the country. I worked for a great company in Newcastle who really helped improve my skills and they were all super fun Geordies too – even if I couldn’t understand them half the time. There I got to design t-shirts for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Graniph and Topshop. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. I’m currently in the process of moving back to Manchester and looking for exciting new internships, projects and jobs to get involved in, in the North West. So please get in touch if you like my work, or visit my website to see more of it. After all, Manchester is just too good to leave.

Keep tabs on Becky turner on her site and follow @beck_turner on Twitter.

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7 Responses to “Beck Turner Graphic Designer and Type Geek”
  1. Lovely work! I can relate with the ‘pun love’ 🙂 there’s nothing nicer than some good wordplay, and even moreso when it’s combined with beautiful typography.

    Good luck with everything you’re doing 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words Emma. Loved the feature about you.
    Good luck to you too.

  3. Not yet, but in talks about it. How exciting!

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