Featuring Woozlewood: Homely Hand Crafted Products

Today’s article features Viki and David Taylor, who together make up ‘Woozlewood’. As you will see below, Woozlewood are experts in making homely bespoke products; from jigsaws to plaques and decorations, Viki and David’s work holds a certain character and uniqueness that is hard to find out there on the high street. Here’s what Viki had to say to Business Boom:

Hi!  David and I work from our small studio in Greenfield, Saddleworth on the edge of the Pennine Moors. We started in December 2010 making wooden decorative hearts and coat hooks followed by some Christmas decorations. We started selling our items on a parenting forum called ‘Cloth Nappy Tree’ but as more orders started flooding in we realised we needed our own website! In the last year we have made wooden ‘woobug’ jigsaws, coat hooks, plaques, chalkboards, cuff-links, clocks, Christmas decorations, gallery boards, chicken coops and many more items.

Mums like Buttons

All our items are hand crafted using various woods and hand painted which ensures that each piece is made with care, affection and attention to detail. Where possible we like to source our materials from local businesses. We love nothing more than doing custom pieces, when customers give us their ideas of what they want making and we bring them to life.

Fairy Castle Book-ends

Train Book-ends

We still sell on Cloth Nappy Tree but you can also now find us at www.woozlewood.comFacebook and at the weekends various craft fairs around the Saddleworth and Holmfirth area. David has lived in Saddleworth all his life and I have been here for the last 13 years so we are very excited about our upcoming craft fairs. The first being ‘The New Generation Easter Craft Festival’ which is being held on Saturday 10th March at Uppermill Civic Centre and the ‘Shop Local Festival’ which is the following day, Sunday 11th March also at Uppermill Civic Centre. We are hoping there are going to be many more craft fairs in Saddleworth.

Pink Dino

New Chicken Run

It has been a very busy, but enjoyable 12 months and we hope Woozlewood continues to grow over the next 12 months. Please take a look at our website, pop along to the fairs or contact us if we can help you. Website: http://www.woozlewood.com/ | Twitter @woozlewood | Facebook.

3 Responses to “Featuring Woozlewood: Homely Hand Crafted Products”
  1. What a creative duo! Their work is beautifully made and painted to perfection! I love seeing a small business like this doing so well. I wish them the very best of success. 🙂

  2. Lisa Parez says:

    Beautiful work as always Viki and Dave 🙂

  3. How can you not love that chicken run, great creative ideas! -jared

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