Emerging Graphic Designer Emma Lee!

Emma Lee

Today’s feature involves young, talented graphic designer and student at the University of Salford – Emma Lee. At one the North West’s and indeed the country’s best institutions for design, Emma is well placed to fulfill her ambitions and continue her great work come the end of her studies this summer:

“I’m an emerging graphic designer soon to graduate from the University of Salford, although originally I’m from (and still live in) Bury. Notable features include, excessive freckles, lack of height, and left-handedness. I’ve always been very much the creative type with Art and English being my main interests at school, but it wasn’t until after I studied Graphic Design and Photography at college, that I caught the design bug and found purpose for my creative outlet!

Choosing to study design at university has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made, but I warn anyone choosing to do the same, as design will consume your way of thinking and how you see the world. However, I love it so much that it’s not a problem for me. I think my friends and family think I’m slightly mad, when we’ll be out shopping and I pick something up simply because I like the packaging or when I get excited because I’ve seen a font I recognise. I just can’t help it; I find inspiration comes from everywhere. Just keeping my eyes open, and appreciating what I see, helps me become a better visual communicator. Annoyingly though, I find my best ideas occur last thing at night just before I go to sleep, so I always have a pen and pad by my bedside.

Over the summer I did a work placement at a design agency in Manchester. Placements are a must, as they give you a taste of the industry and help you discover more about yourself as a creative mind. My placement was fantastic as I learnt a lot and came out feeling really enthused about pursuing my career. And I got an extremely tasty lunch on the last day.

At the moment I’ve just finished designing my portfolio website which will be up and running soon – so stay tuned! I’m also just about to start my final major project, whilst working on a number of other things, some university events and some live briefs too. Getting involved with a recent university event means I’ve had to liaise with paper suppliers and printers, which has been good practice for the future. When I graduate in July, I would love to work at a small agency but even though the thought of finishing University is quite daunting, I’m more excited about getting out into the wonderful world of design, making my mark, and just doing what I love. And having plenty more tasty lunches…”

Thanks Emma! We’re sure we’ll be seeing more of you in the future! You can follow Emma on Twitter @HelloEmmaLee and on her Tumblr blog at http://emmaleeprocon3.tumblr.com/.

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5 Responses to “Emerging Graphic Designer Emma Lee!”
  1. Wow! I think Emma will go on to do many great things! I love how she appreciates what she sees in everyday life. It’s a wonderful thing. If only more people were like that!

    My own daughter loves all the same subjects as Emma, such as art and English – and history too! I can see her following in Emma’s footsteps in a few years time. Salford Uni sounds like the best place to be for design.

    Thanks for sharing Emma’s story. Wishing her the very best of success for the future! 🙂

    • Thanks again catwalkcreative, we appreciate all those comments. It certainly sounds a much more creative experience that some aspects of my uni course!
      I am jealous of everything that she has created, such a brilliant design mind!

  2. Those are some lovely words! Thanks!

    Emma 🙂

  3. The Doll says:

    Amazing work and a new fan found in me! Looking forward to seeing mroe from Emma in the future.

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