Graphic Design by Award-winning Livia Lucie

This afternoon’s feature involves a graphic designer with a difference. Livia Lucie of Three29Design shows real artistic flair in her work, and it’s a pleasure to introduce to you the lady herself as well as showcase her brilliant designs here on Business Boom:

I’m a graphic designer based in Cheshire and I run a small studio, Three29Design, which I set up in late 2009. The business has been going from strength to strength which is great especially as none of this was planned; it’s one of those things that just fell into place and happened!

With design and business I’m self taught. In college I studied Product Design, Film Studies and Psychology. I didn’t actually get into graphic design until the second year of college and what I really wanted to do was to become an Officer in The Royal Artillery, but as we all know, not everything works out as planned.

Thanks to I got my (very beginner) work out there and eventually received messages asking how much to do a certain job. Back then I had never of thought of being able to make money from doing graphics. I also built up some very solid relationships with repeat clients through Myspace, who are still working with me to this day despite my price changes! To name a couple, Cleveland emcee En’rico ‘ESQ’ Dion and Virginian emcee Prominent.

Due to starting things via Myspace I worked mainly within the music industry for various signed and unsigned recording artists, bands, DJ’s, Producers along with the record labels themselves and radio stations across the world. Some of those include: Express FM, DJ Grind, DJ Stylus, So Star Entertainment (Konvict Muzik), Smiler, To The Republic.

I love working with the music industry, doing the cover art, promotional material and so on. However, I also wanted to get a taste of the other areas so I aimed to work with more businesses. Working with a local window tinting firm, Car-Stuff, kicked this off and then was followed by business consultants Cheeky Monkey and later Gateway Peugeot. I’m still in the process of working with more businesses, I’m not settling down to a specific area yet!

I’ve recently completed a huge project for the HeatWave festival over in Australia which had the likes of Kid Cudi, Tech N9ne, D12, Crazy Town and Obie Trice on their line up… so yeah, that was pretty cool! I handled all the design for the festival, ranging from wraps for three buses driving around the major cities, billboards, large format and regular posters, t-shirts and so on. It was a LOT of work and a huge learning curve but it was brilliant! I also recently won South Cheshire Chamber’s ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ award, sponsored/judged by Bentley Motors, which was overwhelming. I wasn’t expecting that!

I’d like to eventually work my way up to running a larger design studio that hired other young creatives, but I think that will come in time and I won’t rush to that stage. I hope to also find some time to join the Territorial Army in the future, because sitting behind a desk isn’t really me, I need some outdoor excitement.

No matter what we all say, we all judge a book by it’s cover. You see the artwork before you listen to the CD; film posters wet your appetite for the new movie that’s coming out, hell… you’re even looking at that guy/girl across the room not because his or her personality is shining but because you like the look of them at that moment in time 😉 Looks matter and I like to be a part of making things look the part! A pixel stylist…

You can find me through my websites: &

You can also connect with me on twitter @TheEvilFrog / @three29design and


“I have been a client of Three29Design for a long time now. Since my first myspace layout I have had nothing but wonderful service and a great business relationship with the company. Prices are fair, and work is flawless. The business practices of Three 29 Design are that of a major corporation in its tenth year and this company is barely 3 years old. Highly recommended.” – En’Rico ‘ESQ’ Ray •

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