Top 10 British Fashion Icons – Debut Article from Guest Writer Martyna Sobol!

How many times have all of us had the dilemma of what to wear for everyday life or for a special occasion? Depending on our personalities, some people want to emerge from the crowd, or some want to maintain a more ordinary outlook that is not so noticeable to others. For me, fashion is a form of art and it’s so easy to commit mistakes by wearing garments that simply do not fit with each other. Sometimes criticism can be painful and cruelfully stored by the media. However, Britain has always been classed as one of the most stylish and classically dressed nations and so, I thought I would share some of my favourite contemporary fashion figures that have a large influence on the industry today. 

This is my top 10 of all British Fashion Icons in recent years.

10. Eliza Doolittle

9. Victoria Beckham

8. Jameela Jamil

7. Kate Moss

6. Kate Middelton

5. Florence Welch

4. Fearne Cotton

3. Alexa Chung

2. Lily Allen

1. Princess Diana

Princess Diana has always been my favourite style icon. She was very modest and classy at the same time and I truly believe she will always remain one of the greatest influencers on the world of fashion.

All of these icons are  classic and unique and each have their own styles and let’s face it, they always look perfect. My personal style is a mixture of all of them; I love to wear different styles and like to choose my outfits to match a particular mood or occasion, whether it be classic or rock chic! 

Which of these icons could you identify yourself with? Feel free to comment below!


My name is Martyna Sobol. I have lived in Manchester for 6 years now after studying marketing at college in Poland. I love this city and I feel like in the UK anything is possible. I’m a keen blogger and enjoy writing about trends, fashion and make-up. As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be involved with fashion. When I was younger I used to cut out pictures of models from the pages of my mum’s magazines and stick them on my walls in my bedroom as to create my own fashion show. I’m also a passionate photographer; most of pictures on my blog are taken and edited by myself. In the past I have had some great opportunities to do what I love such as taking part in New Look’s spring/summer campaign. The pictures were used for New Look’s web page, billboards and magazines all over the world. I hope you have enjoyed my first blog post on Business Boom Bolton and be sure to look out for future posts! You can follow me on my personal blog at and on Twitter @el_martina.

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