Interview with Inspiring Bolton Photographer and Wildlife Activist Alex Richmond

Hi Alex, we are delighted to continue our interview series with you! Can you firstly give our readers a quick introduction into who you are and how your work fits into the creative fields of the North West?

Hey, my name is Alex Richmond, I am a freshly graduated freelance photographer working in the North-West. Throughout my studies at University, I developed a strong passion for the welfare of animals both wild and domestic. Eventually, I would like my photographic work to help bring awareness of endangered species and habitat loss through my images.

At the minute, I am saving to do some travelling, in order to start with my photographic ambitions. I have recently opened a small studio in Astley Bridge, Bolton focusing on pet photography as I really enjoy working with animals and with my degree experience I have a more creative view on photography.

Before I go travelling, I will be producing some local projects, working with Lancashire Wildlife Trust and I will hopefully be exhibiting some work at their centre on Bury Road; the work will be for sale and some of the profit will be contributed towards the Wildlife Trust.

We see you have just finished your BA in Photographic Media, where did you undertake the course? What differences does a photographic media course have over your average photography course?

I studied at The University Centre of Blackburn College, attaining a Lancaster university moderated Degree. The photographic media course basically allows you to be more creative with your work. You are not restricted to static imagery; moving imagery and experimental darkroom techniques are welcomed as well as digital production.

You’re from the Bolton area, but how do you think our town compares to the likes of Manchester/Preston in terms of being a creative community? Do you feel we have enough recognition for the creative businesses and individuals?

I don’t think that Bolton receives enough recognition for its creative community but this is improving, funding is becoming more available for arts based projects such as ‘photobreightmet’ –  a photo project which looks at people living in the Breightmet area of Bolton. Still, Manchester and Preston have a lot more creative activity, down to the number of galleries and exhibition spaces available.

Social networking and media are such big forces online in today’s world. Which sites attract you the most, for personal and more business use for your photography work?

Online portfolio sites attract me the most, sites such as ‘Flickr’ and ‘Behance’ both offer good exposure. Model Mayhem is a good site for photographers, make-up artists and models to meet, collaborate and find work. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook fan pages allow you to gain fans or followers who you can keep up to date with what you are doing with your work.

Which members of the people your following on twitter would you recommend to our readers to go and follow also?

I like to follow inspirational photographers such as Steve Bloom, also factual accounts such as BBC Wildlife and activists such as Rob Stewart and Leonardo Dicaprio.

What is the current equipment you are using for your photography? Do you have your eyes on any new pieces of technology you would love to add to your kit?

I use a Sony A900 and the main lenses that I use are a Carl Zeiss 24-70mm f2.8 and a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 with 2x tele-convertor. I am looking at getting a new wide-angle lens, hopefully the Carl Zeiss 16-35mm f2,8 and another telephoto lens but even longer!

What were your biggest influences in taking up photography and what drives you to create the work you are today?

The thing that motivates me the most to take pictures is the thought of creating imagery of animals, images that will make people realise that something needs to be done to try and save endangered animals from extinction. We are mammals, we are part of the eco system and as one species is wiped out it has a knock on effect on all other organisms; what happens to animals, will eventually have a major impact on human life.

Thank you so much Alex! We wish you all the best for the future!

Follow Alex on Twitter @ARichmond_Photo and on Facebook. Check out Alex’s website at for more details on her latest projects as well as information on commercial photography. Email: 

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