Rising Star Jennifer Yates Records at the Talent Pool Studio

The Churchbank Quarter’s Talent Pool Studios has recently worked with local singer and rising star Jennifer Yates. Here’s what she had to say to the guys as well as one of the tracks she recorded on the day!

Hi Jen, it’s a pleasure to continue our interview series with you! Can you firstly tell us a bit about your background and education?

I’ve always stayed close to home in terms of school so far, my primary school was St.Maxentius which is literally a 5 second walk for me. I then went to Turton high school and gained a A in music GCSE, aswell as A’s in history, english and a A* in Drama. I continued onto Turton sixth form college and I’ve taken Music, Performance Studies, Theatre Studies and History at ALevel. I am currently writing a vast amount of coursework for history and sitting January exams for my other subjects. Hopefully next year i will be attending Liverpool John Moores University where i hope to study Theatre Studies!

What musical activities do you mainly participate in and when did you first realise your passion for music?

I’ve been singing from when I was little due to my mum constantly playing Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat as well as the sound of music. Since then, I’ve loved performing in musicals. I have been a member of CATS youth theatre for 4 years performing such roles as ‘Peggy’ in ‘Godspell’ and ‘Holly’ in ‘The Wedding Singer’. I also love to play piano and sing along, my music taste is a bit of everything really, from phantom of the opera to Mumford and Sons.

Where have you picked up your skills over the years and who or what do you feel are you greatest influences on your style of singing?

I have gone through many different music lessons before deciding on singing, since beginning singing lessons I have achieved grades 1 to 8 with Nationwide Music Examinations and GRade 5 with ABRSM. I’ve had piano, saxophone, violin and clarinet lessons. All of which i gave up on eventually but singing has always been something which i have loved. I think I’m mostly influenced by women with big powerful voices such as Aretha Franklin.

Who are your favourite artists today and why? If there was one you could swap places with, who would it be and why?

I honestly couldn’t choose, i like so many different types of artists! I can’t really compare one to another. In my iPod Legally Blonde the Musical sits alongside the Arctic Monkeys and a Clubland soundtrack. If i could swap places with anyone it would be Julie Atherton who is currently playing Sister Mary Roberts in the touring production of Sister Act!

What do you think about all the talent shows on TV these days such as the xFactor? Have you ever considered having a go?

The music industry is one of the hardest to break into so I think anything that creates a better opportunity for people to get into it is a good thing. I have never really considered going on the show myself, as I’ve never really wanted to be a recording artist before.

Jennifer Yates with ‘Don’t You Remember’ by Adele

You chose some fantastic songs to record at Talent Pool. How did you find the experience?

Thankyou! I absolutely loved it! I’m really glad that I did it now, my parents were nagging me for a while to do it and I was always putting it off but it was a great experience which I will definitely be participating in again. Everyone there was very friendly and i felt really comfortable in the studio. I recommend to any singers or musicians to give it a try because i loved it!

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