Enabling: Digital Development in the Arts – Event Details 21/02/12

Enabling: Digital Development in the Arts
Tuesday 21 February 2012, 10 am – 4.15 pm
Bolton College

In the current changing economic climate it is important for organisations in the third sector, social enterprise and the creative industries to be equipped with the knowledge needed to ensure they are able to keep up with fast moving digital development, whether using new technology to support promotion, income generation, protect intellectual property rights or to offer something new and innovative to clients. We know it’s difficult for businesses faced with the constant development of digital technologies and the decrease in cultural grant and government funding to prioritise direction and stay ahead of the game. So, Bolton Council Arts Development service are holding a series of enabling events designed to equip artists, the third sector and creative industries with the knowledge to help inform decision-making and development in the future.

‘Enabling: Digital Development in the Arts’ can help your business get a grip on digital technology.

The day will cover:
• Online income generation
• Digital resources for promotion
• Increasing community participation online
• Open data and data visualisation (data narrative)
• New technologies in arts and culture
• Social networks, open source software
• Intellectual property rights
• Community Media

Who should attend?

This event will be of particular interest to those working within:
• arts and creative industries
• charities, social enterprises, third sector businesses
• artists and arts businesses and those advising these sectors
To book your place at the event please go to http://enablingdigitaldevelopment.eventbrite.co.uk Conference Programme

09.00-10.00 Registration, networking & refreshments

10.00-10.15 Welcome from Chair
Patrick Hussey, Marketing & Digital Manager, Arts and Business

10.15-10.45 Community media platform, producer, partner for the arts
Tamar Millen, Arts Coordinator, Community Media Association
This presentation will focus on the creative collaborations between the arts and the community media sector that enhance participation and engagement in the arts by reaching out to wider audiences through community media.

The Community Media Association is the UK representative body for the Community Media sector and is committed to promoting access to the media for people and communities. It aims to enable people to establish and develop community based communications media for empowerment, cultural expression, information and entertainment. Community media is a fast growing sector and includes community radio and television broadcasters, community based independent film makers, and internet, digital and social media groups. Community owned and controlled with a commitment to social gain, community media organisations are in an unequalled position. Their output is produced by and for particular communities whether these are geographical, cultural, ethnic, generational or virtual communities. They give access to voices in the community, which encourages diversity, creativity engagement and participation.

10.45-11.15 Bolton Library and Museum Service: Our digital journey
Samantha Elliot, Transition Manager, Bolton Library and Museum Service Bolton Library and Museum Service has recently reviewed their digital offer and as a result have created an online digital learning environment that offers online learning sessions for schools and community groups. As a result of this this, Bolton Library and Museum Service has been commissioned to lead on regional digital projects. This presentation will document their digital journey.

11.15-11.35 Morning break

11.35-12.05 How Creatives Will Rule the Network Society
Esko Reinikainen
The turmoil of financial markets and collapsing of old political orders around the world marks the emergence of a new form of a new social organisation paradigm known as the Network Society. This session will examine the new structures and dynamics of the network society, and highlight how people from the creative industries are ideally suited to lead the changes we are undergoing. A deeper understanding of the power of decentralised networked organisation will also serve as a guide for how managers and practitioners in the creative industries can better harness their inherent skills and competencies in order to perform better and gain a competitive advantage over their peers…

12.05-12.25 The Automated Enlightenment
Patrick Hussey, Digital Campaigns Manager, Arts and Business
Patrick’s talk will flesh out his recent Guardian piece exploring how digital developments like algorithms and crowd funding have the potential to completely change not only how we discover art but how we value it as a society.

12.25-13.10 Lunch

13.10-13.40 Digital Participation & Creativity
Karen Shannon, Arts Development Manager: New Media, Lets Go Global, Trafford Council

Karen Shannon will present an insight into how Lets Go Global uses creative technologies to engage with communities and how artists & arts organisations can broaden their practice through digital participation projects.

13.40-14.40 Workshop Session 1 (delegates choose to attend one session from sessions A, B and C)
• A: Community Media & Broadcast
• B: Making your Online Promotions Effective and Engaging
• C: Cross Platform Communications Strategy

14.40-15.00 Afternoon break

15.00-16.00 – Workshop Session 2 (delegates choose to attend one session from sessions D, E and F)
• D: Citizen Journalism
• E: The Digital World
• F: Copyright and the Internet

16.00-16.15 – Round up and review from the Chair Patrick Hussey, Marketing & Digital Manager, Arts and Business

WORKSHOP SESSION 1 (delegates choose to attend one session from sessions A, B and C)

Workshop A  

This workshop will comprise 2 presentations on Community Media and Broadcast: How Community Media Can Work for Community Organisations Richard Lace, Community Radio Project Manager, Your Prescap / Your Preston FM  This session will offer an understanding of how community media can work for community organisations. Richard will discuss the achievements of Preston FM in terms of gaining funding, influencing local policy and supporting and  enhancing local public services plus utilising social networks and online resources. He will touch on proposals for  community TV across the country and the impact this may have for the future.

Partnership and Broadcast

Jason Cooke, Volunteer Co-Ordinator / Trainer, ALL FM  

This presentation will look at the partnership between Manchester Literature Festival and ALL FM in Manchester discussing their arts digitalisation and community media work.

Workshop B

Making your Online Promotions Effective and Engaging

Liz Hardwick, Freelance Community/Online/Broadcast Media Producer and Trainer, http://www.lizhardwick.co.uk 

This session covers how to write and present effective, interesting and engaging content for your online media. Within the hour we will also look at some of the top free resources available to share and promote your content,  how to choose which are right for you, and how to monitor your impact online. Ultimately, enabling better relationships with your audiences and stakeholders in a more efficient way. Providing lots of food for thought and  helpful links to take away, why would you want to miss out?

Workshop C  

How to use mobile apps, social networks and other new media for a cross-platform socially engaging  communications strategy

Marcus Lilley, CEO, marcuslilley consultancy  

This session will provide an opportunity to explore the intersection between social networks, mobile apps and other  new media to create innovative and existing cross platform socially engaging communication strategies for the arts and creative sectors. Delivered via PowerPoint presentation and using video examples the session will allow you to  share your experiences, pose questions and think of new ideas on how to communicate in an innovative and exciting way.

WORKSHOP SESSION 2 (delegates choose to attend one session from sessions D, E and F) 

Workshop D

Citizen Journalism  

Karen Shannon, Arts Development Manager.

New Media, Lets Go Global, Trafford Council  Lets Go Global are currently working on the Hash Media 2012 project, which is a citizen journalism project for  London 2012. This is workshop will give an introduction into how to be a citizen’s journalist and how to get a scheme  or group running in your local area.

Workshop E

The Digital World – where fools rush in!

Graham Mallinson, Director, d2 Digital by Design Ltd

This workshop will focus on devising digital strategies for business/arts organisations. Don’t waste your time coming to this workshop if you are 100 per cent confident and believe you know ‘exactly’ –  what, why, and how you are using, or going to use, digital technology. For the rest of you I can guarantee it will save  you an absolute fortune!  A significant amount of money is wasted – sadly – by almost every company who ‘invests’ in digital solutions for their  business. Most are blinded by the potential of social media, fantastic websites and other digital channels. Reality is  somewhat different.  Based on our work with major national and government organisations such as BBC, Ch4, RNLI, DfE, NHS and the  Home Office; this workshop will look at ‘your’ organisation and map the digital opportunities against it. Helping you  guard against unnecessary time and financial investments.  If you want the fast track to digital success – start with this workshop.

Workshop F

Copyright and the Internet: The changing face of creative content in the digital age

Dr Paul Oliver, Musician and research academic, University of Bolton

With increased accessibility and ever-changing uses of digital content online, it has become vital for creative
individuals and organisations to understand how to manage and control the copyright of their own creative content.
This session will look at where intellectual property comes from and how it has changed since the inception of the
Internet using Creative Commons as an example of how these issues are being addressed and what the future holds.

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