The Works of Freelance Illustrator Jack Tempest

Here, we are happy to expand our site to showcase and feature the work of Jack Tempest, a local freelance illustrator who has recently completed his degree at the university of Salford. His work is expanding through comics, posters, wedding invites and he even has plans to be working with Accent UK for a new anthology.

“I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator since I completed my degree at Salford University. While the majority of my time is devoted to comics based projects for the web or print, I have also worked on bespoke mini comics for special occasions, posters, caricatures, post cards and wedding invitations.”

“I enjoy telling stories in the sequential art format. It’s an incredibly creative medium which allows you to go wild with your imagination. This art form lends itself to change, encouraging tweaks in artistic style to match the content of the story. I’m currently working on a new superhero comic which will be released later this year. We have a Facebook page for the project showing some preview art, costume designs and logo designs.”

I’ll be drawing a story in Accent UK’s new anthology entitled ‘WHO ON EARTH WAS THADDEUS MIST”. Check out the full sneak preview here.

I’m also working on a multitude of other personal projects. I’ll be posting updates regarding those on my blog.

If you’d like to see more of my artwork please visit my blog –  or would like to enquire about commissions please send me an e-mail at –

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  1. Stunning illustrations and great to see so many different styles. Jack clearly is a very talented artist with a wonderful imagination. I love the ‘BUYKEA’ idea. 🙂

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