Showcase of Freelance Graphic Designer Jade Wells

Here at Business Boom Bolton we are constantly coming across talented, up-and-coming creatives from all sectors of the arts and media. Today, we showcase to you the mind and work of gifted graphic designer Jade Wells. In the words of the lady herself, here’s a little more on Jade’s life and background as well as information on where to find her online. Enjoy! 

Hi, I’m a freelance graphic designer based in Lancashire. I have always had a passion for art and design from an early age. I realised I had a flare for graphic design after taking it as an A Level at Turton Media Arts College along with fine art. Unsure about university courses, I then went on to Blackburn College where I did a foundation in art and design. At this point I was beginning to do more research in to design and the creative industry. From this I became definite about pursuing a career in graphics, resulting in studying graphic design at Liverpool John Moores for 3 years. Whilst at university, rather than focusing on a specific personal style I began to experiment with different approaches such as hand-made design and animation. The course was great at John Moores because it was very flexible in the routes you could take allowing me to explore different techniques and creative ideas. My design work has always varied so much from brief to brief.

Website for recent fashion design graduate Lydia Owen and her label Pull The Strings.

Throughout the 3 years in Liverpool I did various work placements, which opened up opportunities for the freelance work I have been doing since I left university this May. This has varied from packaging design and props for television to flash animation and branding briefs. Placements have played an important part in my development as a designer; a studio can get to know you and your work as well as you finding out where you fit in and what kind of design you want to be involved in. I have learnt so much and still have a lot to experience.

Downloadable essay on socially responsible designers.

My most recent work has been at Liverpool studio Nonconform where I am currently working on a number of projects. My plans for the future are just to keep going whether it is freelance or looking for a permanent position somewhere. I am enjoying being part of the design world and excited to gain more experience.

You can find me online at and follow me on Twitter at

Proposal for a promotional flash website for a Blue Roses self-titled album.

A selection of graphic props for Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, whilst working at Lime pictures.

Thank you to Business Bolton Boom for this opportunity to showcase my design.

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