‘Time Saved, Money Made’: Showcasing Manchester’s Wardrobe Angel

Today we introduce to you a lovely creative business based in Manchester. Wardrobe Angel, ran by Stephanie Roper offers a unique and enjoyable restyling service to remember! Having been in touch with the lady herself, Stephanie explained to Business Boom a little more about her up-and-coming business:

Launched in 2011, The Wardrobe Angel offers a fresh, new perspective on women’s clothes: that they are an investment. I re-style, re-work and re-sell clients’ clothes making it the ultimate cost-effective, money-making service for busy women. My business is a #WOW winning business supported by Jacqueline Gold and PR guru Lynne Franks  “Stephanie is offering such a well-needed service at Wardrobe Angel where busy women like me can get our clothes sorted out in a way we never have time for, and actually get rid of what we don’t need in a way that will bring us an income.” My unique wardrobe labelling system also ensures my clients save time each time they dress.

So where did The Wardrobe Angel come from? Well, with over 7 years working on the shop floor for some of the high streets biggest hitters, I know how to shop a shop and style a style. After graduating from Nottingham University I won a coveted place on the Marks & Spencer graduate trainee scheme. There I discovered my flair for Visual Merchandising where I was trained in everything from styling and window installation to shop floor layouts. From M&S I moved to H&M and New Look, my career highlight being VM Manager of the flagship H&M store on Oxford Circus.

My motto is ‘Time Saved, Money Made.’ I use my twitter feed to give my top fashion and retailing tips and my blog covers retail from a shop floor perspective: how to shop a sale, how to find what you are looking for, how to complain and get a result. I also do event speaking at ladies networking and for the Women’s Institute. Knowledge is power and in the current economic climate every penny counts; I want women to feel empowered when they shop not baffled and disappointed.

So what interests me about fashion? If you had met me when I was 11 I wouldn’t have said a lot – I was a tomboy and hated wearing dresses. But the seeds of a career in fashion were sown really young – my Mum remembers I was very opinionated about what I would and wouldn’t wear when I hit the age of 2 and that attitude hasn’t changed!

The thing I love about my field is it’s ability to be divisive yet inclusive at the same time – which looks are on-trend, what’s a ‘must have’, what is in fashion, what’s out. I love educating my clients about fashion then teaching them about style. My job is a balancing act on the tightrope between fashion and style; I want all my clients to have wearable, workable wardrobes which are on-trend without being ‘trendy’. What I relish is the opportunity to create individual looks for them and give them the tools to continue to grow their own sense of style long after I have left them. The biggest compliment and the most frequent feedback I receive from clients is that I have given them confidence. How awesome is that.

Check out the website for more details at http://www.wardrobeangel.co.ukYou can follow Stephanie and Wardrobe Angel on Facebook, Twitter @Wardrobe_Angel, Linkedin and her blog at http://www.thewardrobeangel.blogspot.com/.

2 Responses to “‘Time Saved, Money Made’: Showcasing Manchester’s Wardrobe Angel”
  1. Brilliant! A thoroughly enjoyable read and I love the video clip too. More please! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments! Stephanie has set up a great business and it’s a pleasure to showcase it. More features coming up soon 🙂

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