Talent Pool Songwriter Competition Now Open!

Today we bring all you local musicians news about an exciting competition courtesy of Bolton’s own Talent Pool Studios! 

The talent pool team would like to invite budding songwriters, lyricists and  composers to submit a potential hit to our panel of judges. 

A selection of the best track submissions will be chosen and recorded by the  songwriter (or a suitable artist) in the talent pool studio with a professional engineer. The public will be able to vote for the winning song on the talent pool website.

The winner will receive a tailored promotional package and a choice of musical equipment supplies to the value of £200.00 from Booth’s Music store.

Submit your song via info@talentpoolstudios.co.uk (we can accept any format of audio, video, written manuscript or text to represent your song). Alternatively you can enter in person at Booths Music (17 Churchgate, Bolton) or at Talent Pool Studios (3 Churchbank). Closing date 31/03/12.

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