Showcase of Manchester Artist Liz West

Liz West was born in Manchester in 1985. She studied at Glasgow School of Art, where she gained a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art: Sculpture and Environmental Art (2004-2007). Since then she has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Last year she was shortlisted for The Title Art Prize in Manchester with a site-specific Chamber installation and also the prestigious Woolgather Art Prize with a sculpture consisting of 3000 bottles of coloured water, which won the third place in the publicly voted award. Liz has also recently been selected for the Expectations exhibition in New York as part of the International Celeste Art Prize. Previous selected group exhibitions include: Elevator Gallery, London (2011), South Hill Park, Bracknell (2011), Northern Futures Award, Barnsley (2010), Centre for the Urban Built Environment, Manchester (2010), The Invisible Dog, New York (2010) Stew Gallery, Norwich (2010), Bedfordbury Gallery, London (2010), The Minerva Gallery, Chicester and Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. West is working towards and looks forward to her first solo exhibition in 2012 at BLANKSPACE, Manchester in July. 

Yellow Chamber Project

Liz West makes intensely coloured installation, video and photographic works from arrangements of found materials and consumer goods. In the work, objects are densely arranged in orders or enclosed within constructed spaces, such as cupboards and shelves or in containers such as shopping trolleys and cabinets to form compacted colour masses or gradations. West is interested in the aesthetic of densely packed and richly coloured arrangements and displays found in shops, markets and museums. In her work, she creates sensory experiences in the form of richly saturated installations that immerse the viewer in a kaleidoscopic or optical environment. Systems of ordering, classification and coding are applied in the development and generation of work. Boundaries are established, which determine both what is collected and where it is collected from. Liz continually searches and collects coloured objects ranging throughout the spectrum. Only purely coloured objects are gathered, disallowing any items that were made of more than one colour. She is interested in the intense and concentrated colour found in synthetic materials and in artificial light and is concerned with the psychological influence of colour, its effect and sensory impact upon the viewer.

Aqua Chroma 2, Installation, 2011

“I grew up in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Both my parents worked/work as artists and teach art, so choosing the same profession was inevitable for me. Art making and artworks constantly surrounded me whilst growing up. From as far back as I can remember, I always loved being creative and chose my subjects at school accordingly – leading me to eventually attend Art School as my University education. I became self-employed as an artist 2 years ago and have exhibited widely in group exhibitions including in New York. Having my first major solo exhibition in Manchester in July is a long time coming. I am working with a voluntary-run gallery/art collective in the city centre called Blank Media Collective* mine will be the first solo exhibition at their space – no pressure! I am currently working on new ideas for the exhibition, spending most days in my studio at Rogue Artists Studios, Manchester. My future aspirations include exhibiting more internationally, having other solo exhibitions, securing a funding bid and gaining gallery representation.”
To catch more of Liz West’s work, be sure to check out here website at You can also follow Liz on Twitter @LizWest_Art and Facebook at
* Blank Media Collective (BMC), based in Manchester City Centre to help aid and facilitate artist development. BMC is an artist-led organisation championing emerging practitioners by giving them a unique platform to showcase their work. BLANKSPACE is the gallery and creative hub run by BMC showcasing multi-disciplinary activities. Here collaboration, innovation and experimentation are at the forefront. BMC’s passion for impact, community accessibility and maximum visibility are intrinsic to their artistic plan.

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