Made North: Conference for Creative Innovation by Artists and Designers

MADE NORTH celebrates today’s innovators and provides a creative platform for presenting and debating ideas, processes and technology to inspire the future talent emerging from the North. Creative innovation by artists and designers is integral to the continued renaissance of the region.

The event is taking place on Tuesday 21st February at FACT in Liverpool, which has been leading the UK video, film and new media arts scene for 20 years with groundbreaking exhibitions, education and research projects (part of the Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium). Click here to book your ticket!

MADE NORTH one day conference is a forum for the exchange of ideas about how traditional art and design are merging and the role that technology is playing in this process whilst focussing on the impact this can and will have on the North. MADE NORTH conference features a high-profile programme of internationally renowned speakers, many of whom are from the north, explaining how important design, innovation and technology are to their business. The conference themes have been designed to stimulate lively debate both on and off the stage. Delegates will be able to discover new ways of working and sources of inspiration that are shaping the future of art and design, and the future of the north.

Alongside the conference, you will receive a preview of fantastic work by emerging northern designers prior to the exhibition’s tour of venues across the North and beyond.

Running from 8:30 until 21:00 the event will have a running programme which includes talk topics of; Art of Technology, Designing the Future, Making in the 21st Century & the Final Made North Exhibition.

From 10.00 The Art of Technology

The traditional roles of art and design are merging and new creative practices are developing work that utilises the latest technological innovations. New works are being created that redefine existing roles of artist and designer. What does it mean to be creative in the 21st century? Do we still need categorisations for people and actions?

From 11.45 Designing the Future

The roles of design and innovation are shaping our world and economy. We all have an active interest in the future; how can design and technology improve the way we work and live in our environments? What are the trends, challenges and opportunities  to advance innovation and shape the future of industry and the environment? What would an ideas and technology revolution look like in the north?

From 14.30 Making in the 21st Century

Will new innovation and technologies offer opportunities for designers and makers to redefine themselves and their practices into a more central role in our culture? Does innovation allow for a shift from traditional mass production models into an era of personal fabrication and self production by designer/makers? How can we maintain ‘traditional’ skills and knowledge and harness technology to create new opportunities and markets?

From 16.00 MADE NORTH

A round-up of the day’s talks and review of the MADE NORTH  exhibition leading into a panel discussion with the speakers exploring and debating some tangible actions to help the north of England take advantage of a new age of art, design and technology.

Finishing with the MADE NORTH Exhibition  (Networking for designers, ground floor The Box)

Follow @madenorth on Twitter and see full details for the event on their website.

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