Welcoming Rus-Art to the Churchbank Quarter!

Today we are so pleased to welcome into the Churchbank Quarter a lady with extraordinary artistic talent. Irina Rumyantseva of Rus-Art is now part of our growing creative corner of Bolton and is now looking to 2012 to achieve a strong and prosperous year. The artist from the beautiful city of St Petersburg was recently featured on Business Boom Bolton, so if you didn’t catch that, click here to read the full article! 

“As an artist my heart and soul goes into every piece that I create. When I paint I pour my emotions out onto the canvas and convey the beauty that I see in everyday life in a way that others can see it to.  When I finish a piece I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and integrity. My hope is that others will see this in my work and feel a connection with my art as if the piece is speaking specifically to them.” – Irina Rumyantseva.

Here are some of Irina’s paintings; to see the full collection as well as view purchase details, go to the website on http://www.rus-art.co.uk. You can also follow Rus-Art on Twitter and Facebook 

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