An Insight into Media City from Our Latest Guest Writer Zoe Cohen!

Hi there! I’m Zoe, 18 years old and I’m a first-year Salford University student studying BA Television and Radio at Media City.  I have been interested in different types of media for quite a few years now. Ever since I was about 15, I knew that I had some creativity in my bones. I never actually knew what I wanted to do in life, and when people would ask me what I wanted to do at university, I couldn’t give them a straight answer. Actually, I couldn’t give them an answer at all. I was in awe of many of my peers as they all seemed to know what direction they were heading in, mostly medicine or some sort of scientific route. I soon realised that path isn’t for everyone, and found my own trail to follow; a career in the media industry.

I started by making short videos with friends simply for fun. We would film them together, and I would edit the videos . I became so amazed by everything that I was doing, that I decided to properly start learning about Media at A-Level. I absolutely loved this, and learnt a great deal! By doing this, I also gained a lot of confidence and started to learn not just more about the industry, but more about myself. I finally found something I was happy doing, and my attitude towards life took a turn for the better. Three years later, I am an enthusiastic, ambitious and hardworking university student, and love every minute of it! Who would have thought?

Since starting university, I realised I have had so many opportunities being at Media City! We are all so fortunate to be learning in this fantastic building.It’s so modern, and a great working environment! We share a building with ITV, and are right next door to the BBC! The facilities we use are exactly the same, so are industry standard. These include TV and radio studios (which are amazing), digital media and performance labs, post production suites and more.  If you haven’t seen any photos of our student campus at Media City, take a look at these for now, and I will definitely snap some more of the interior and the studios to give you an insight! We even have a picture with Pudsey outside the BBC! (We were filming for CBBC’s ‘Hacker Time’ that day! Haha!)

I one day aspire to work on Documentaries, Factual Entertainment, Comedy, or Children’s Television. I’d like to influence many viewers with the work I do by producing entertaining programmes, whilst putting across a positive message to the audience. Video editing is a huge passion of mine, and is definitely something I would love to pursue. I find working in Radio very interesting and is also something I would like to try. I am open to trying everything! Even journalism, graphic design and photography call out to me, and I hope to challenge myself in the years to come. After all, you only live once!

I know that I am still young, and have a long way to go, but I like to keep an open mind, and never give up on achieving my goals. I’m currently working on getting as much work experience I can get, and am working on some exciting projects at the moment which I will reveal in future blog posts! For the moment, I will just say that this project was a huge movement that changed the face of business! Exciting!

I really am just a normal teenager who is obsessed with her telly, music, internet and films, trying to pursue a dream. I’m taking it one step at a time and am ready for whatever life may throw at me. Hopefully you will be seeing my name in the credits soon! I do hope you will join me on this thrilling journey. You can follow me on Twitter @xTruffleBabiix to keep up with all that I am doing. I hope you enjoy reading my future media related articles on Business Boom Bolton!

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