Introducing Our Latest Fashion Blogger Naomi Marrison!

My name is Naomi Marrison and I am currently in my second year studying BSc Hons International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University. I love the course and for me, it’s perfectly suited. Having studied Fine Art GCSE at school, I quickly discovered a creative side to myself and have always loved to put my own twist on things. I also developed a keen interest in Business Studies throughout my school years and so, combining these two subjects with my love for fashion meant that Fashion Marketing was the ideal route for me to take!

For as long as I can remember, I have always grown up around fashion. I began modelling at only 18 months old for various catalogues here and there. I was initially under the agency MMA and stayed with them up until I was 9. Unfortunately, I had to quit modelling at this point due to me having to take a lot of time out of school. Nevertheless, this experience opened my eyes to catwalks, photo shoots and how much preparation went into marketing a product or garment. My parents have always been fashion conscious and have therefore encouraged me to be the same; they always had a heavy influence on what I wore. When I was 16 I started working for the brand Vero Moda, a label that operates in conjunction with Jack Jones, and I still work for the company as a Pieces Specialist. Alexa Chung is currently the new face of Vero Moda. Working for this brand opened my eyes up to how important small details are when making money and how to achieve perfection. I have been lucky enough to work closely with the visual merchandiser, taking part in some over-night directives.

Alexa Chung now working with Vero Moda

Within the fashion industry, there are many inspirational and powerful individuals. For me, one person that has really stood out this year is the creative director at Alexander Mcqueen, Sarah Burton. One obvious reason why she has been so inspirational is thanks to the elegant, lace dress that she created for Kate Middleton (now a hugely influential figure in the fashion world). Furthermore, I myself can relate to her as she both lived and was educated in Manchester. I wouldn’t particularly model myself on one person, but rather I try to take influence from all people who are hard-working, pro-active and simply do the best that they can.

Kate Middleton and Sarah Burton

I have lived in Manchester all my life and have a close connection with the city, so,  for this reason I decided to stay in the city to study my degree. Shortly after commencing my studies at the Hollings Campus, it didn’t take me long to realise that it is a fantastic place to learn. Being ranked within the top three percent in the UK for fashion, I’m so glad to be a part of such a great and enjoyable course.

As I am undertaking a sandwich degree, I hope to find a placement starting in summer for my third year of studying. However, eventually after finishing my degree, I would love to land a job in marketing as I’m certain I would really enjoy it and revel in working my way up through the ranks. This would be the ideal situation if I had to choose it. So, in order to achieve this goal, it’s up to me to continue to work hard at my degree as well as my job and embrace all the opportunities that come along!

The majority of girls (especially those interested in fashion) love to shop, and I am no different. At the moment, my favourite online store is My birthday has recently passed and to celebrate, I purchased a beautiful dress from this website. They specialise in hand tailored vintage-inspired garments – be sure to check it out!

As well as shopping, I have recently caught the social media bug and now write a fashion blog ( on which I discuss the latest fashion news and trends! Look out for my posts on Business Boom Bolton on the latest events from the fashion world. You can also follow me on Twitter @nayomeejade to keep up with the latest! 

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One Response to “Introducing Our Latest Fashion Blogger Naomi Marrison!”
  1. chrissmalls says:

    noami, reading your first blog it comes accross that you are ready to enter and have alot of success in a very demanding profession. you show great determination in what you do and what you want to be in the future.
    you seem to have realised at an early age fashion was a huge part of yuor life and since then you have not looked back. i belive you will have a huge future in the industry and bring many creative ideas.

    chris smalls

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