Wonderful Display of Illustration and Animation by Budding Creative William Harris

Hi, I’m William Harris and I’m an animator and illustrator based in the North West. In 2005 I discovered a film called “Spirted Away” by Hayao Miyazaki. I watched it twice in a row and came to the conclusion immediately that I wanted ‘to do that’. Before then, cartoons had simply been cartoons. Stuff children watched. It never occurred to me that I could animate and create the cartoons myself in the future!

Around the same time I discovered a program called Macromedia Flash MX. I taught myself how to use the program to animate in a very rough and amateur way, but soon I was creating some very basic animations.

From that point on I set myself up to become an animator, choosing all the classes in school which would lead me closer to my goal. Eventually I discovered that the University of Bolton ran an ‘Animation and Illustration’ course and I applied immediately.

 I am very thankful for my studies at the University of Bolton, they really lead me in the right direction in terms of both animation and illustration. The course was run by a group of industry professionals who have all been successful in the business for years. People like ‘Pete Beard’ who has been an illustrator for the ‘Radio Times’ and ‘Meryl Edge’ who was a key animator at ‘Cosgrove Hall’ and worked on ‘Danger Mouse’ and ‘The BFG’. It’s thanks to people like them that the course really stands out ahead of other similar courses at different universities.

When I illustrate I primarily use Adobe Photoshop and deliver a loose and sketchy style. My work is cartoon based, but with life-like qualities. I’ve taken inspiration from both western and eastern cartoons, and have incorporated both into my own style. My animations have a similar look in both style and feel to my illustrations. I primarily use Adobe Flash for my work, and normally include a boiling line to give it an energetic feel.

You can check out more of my work on my deviantART and vimeo pages!

Thank you William, the Business Boom Bolton team wish you all the best for the future!

Here are just some of William’s fantastic character illustrations:

William has also tried his hand at photo manipulation:

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