10 Fantastic Speaker Systems To Look Out For This Christmas!

The 25th of December is getting ever-nearer and it’s high time we started thinking about presents for friends and loved ones! Therefore, like our previous posts on top ten compact cameras along with our ten most popular headphones, today we bring to you Christmas ideas in the form of speakers and docking systems! Although they might not be the cheapest of products, they are certainly worth their price tags and will without doubt turn some heads. So, here are ten pieces of inspiring technology that should kick-start some festive thoughts for Christmas morning. Click for purchase details.

Monster Tron Light Disc Audio Dock: With a futuristic design inspired by the epic disney film Tron, this docking system delivers an impressive visual display as well as awesome audio performance. Watch the outer lights change to the rhythm of your music with this room-enlightening stunner. Retailing at £220.

JVC RVNB51 CD Boomblaster with iPod Dock: Equipped with twin 13cm super woofers, this beast of  a docking system will provide up to 40w of power and is great for on-the-go beats. It has a number of functions that make it both practical and stylish and can be yours for just over £200.

Edifier M3200 2.1 Multimedia Speakers: For me, this system is attractive for both its audio performance and its elegant design. If its a full and deep sound you’re after, the M3200’s will not disappoint. Coming in at £185.

Sony CMT MX550i iPod HiFi System: It’s not only the design of this product that’s impressive; the MX550i produces fantastic crisp and clear sound through an immensly powerful system powering up to 380w. Great for space-saving and multi-functional use – only £99!

TDK Speaker Boom Box: Designed for travel and on-the-go, this is  a boom box that even Chad Muska would be proud to carry. With all its simplicity and style, the TDK box is full of useful functions and will without doubt give you a loud, head-turning sound! Retailing at a teasing £299.

Harmon Kardon ‘Go and Play’ Docking System: Pleasantly practical in its functionality and portability, this product will give you an awesome sound full of clarity and power, £270.

Sony RDH SK8 iP Dock: Although this docking system will give you a decent enough sound and musical enjoyment, it’s perhaps not on this list for its audio performance, but rather its unique designs. Not only is there a whole range of different skins  that will satisfy the majority of customers, you can even let your imagination run riot and customize your very own cover. A popular one with the younger listeners for only £129.

Soundsticks 3 – Harmon Kardon: If you’re after a dock design with a difference, look no further that the Harman Kardon Soundsticks 3! The amazing transparent casing will go with any modern room interior while at the same time delivering dynamic audio performance; only £140!

Nokia MD-50W 360 Surround Sound Portable Speaker: This system is useful in the sense that you can wirelessly connect it up to any device using its Bluetooth functions. What’s more, its clever design means that the Nokia MD gives you 360 degree audio! Pair it up with a second device and you have incredible surround sound. Available in a range of colours for only £113.

Edifier iF200 Plus iPod Speaker Dock / Alarm Clock: As it is both a docking system and an alarm clock, you can now wake up peacefully to the song of your preference. By far the cheapest system on our list and both a practical and fun item for Christmas! Only £68.

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