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My name is Clarissa, I am currently studying A levels at bury college (including photography, English literature and drama & theatre studies) and also do some modelling on a part-time basis. I was brought up in Zimbabwe, and it is from there which most of my love for fashion stems; its individuality, expression and creativity really resonated with me and certainly helped influence my own style and interests. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be giving my own views and opinions on fashion, paying particular focus to Manchester and its surrounding areas. Today’s article, however, explains a little about myself, my love for the industry as well as some of what the great Northern city has to offer. Enjoy!

My all time favourite fashion icons have to be Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and last but not least Rihanna! Audrey Hepburn’s style was and remains to be the definition of elegance. Thanks to her eye for style as well as her gorgeous boyish figure, everything she wore soon became the envy of all women. Coco Chanel pushed the boundaries by instilling a sense of minimalism; she fronted the notion of simplicity in fashion whilst at the same time retaining a daring and sophisticated attitude in striving for that chic look.  

Audrey Hepburn

Rihanna is what I like to call the chameleon of the fashion world; everything she touches seems to suit her down to the ground and with her bright bold and girly style, it’s no wonder why she is an important player in industry.


Probably the main aspect of fashion that I adore most is the fact that I can fully  express my creativity through it. Most of my inspirations come from colours, fabrics and fashion photography: Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen never fail to inspire me as their designs are constantly linked to beautiful and elegant garments created throughout history including those from periods such as the Tudors and the Century of Enlightenment. I think it’s essential for a fashion designer to use colour and a range of different fabrics in order to create a true masterpiece!

Vivienne Westwood Shanghai

I love learning new things to widen my own knowledge and it seems to me that in order to achieve success, you have to be willing to both learn what’s required and be able to apply it with an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude! Once my A levels have been completed, my goal is to attend university and possibly continue to write about the world of fashion. I strongly believe that when you’re at my age you shouldn’t feel pressured to choose a career choice, but you do need a goal and a plan B. As for Long term aspirations, I will give my all at whatever I choose to do and if it doesn’t work out in the future, I will simply  find another  project to work on!

Alexander McQueen

When it comes to fashion in Manchester, I absolutely love the vintage shops in Afflecks and believe anything hand-made and bespoke hold so much more value and authenticity. In terms of the major brands, my favourite shops have to be Topshop, H&M, ZARA , Miss Selfridges, Thunder Egg and a number of small charity shops. Manchester’s fashion scene has a lot to offer and I can only see bigger and brighter things for it in the future. In my opinion, it has to be the trendiest city in the north; with designers like Henry Holland and super models such as Agyness deyn growing up in the area, it’s no wonder why Manchester is oozing with the fashion x-factor.

Henry Holland

Agyness Deyn

For me, the best places to shop in Manchester are vintage shops; if you want to be original and have something that’s unique and that no one else will have, you should be willing to venture into places like Oxfam and have a good rummage through all the old frocks! After all, they were once someone else’s treasure and will most certainly still hold that magical character! If you’re looking for bargains, TK MAXX has amazing clothes for affordable prices, as does the one and only Primark. Other shops that I am fond of are: Urban Outfitters, American apparel and All Saints; whenever I enter these shops, I’m not only amazed by the clothes themselves but the detail that goes into all the products with current, eye-catching styles that are right on trend.

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  1. bonkasaurus says:

    Great story! i look forward to see what else you write 🙂


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