Showcase and Interview with Graphic Designer Rachel Benyon

It’s a real pleasure to continue our interview series with you. Can you give our readers a quick introduction of yourself, where you’re from and what field of creativity you are involved in?

My name is Rachel Benyon, I’m a 22-year-old Graphic Design graduate, and I am both from and studied in Bolton.

What are your roots in education and at what point did you develop an interest for graphic design? What attracted you to take it up?

After leaving school I studied A-Levels at a college in Preston, including Graphic Design, though my interest for it started at high school. I’m not sure exactly what attracted me to it. I was always interested in and excelled at the arty subjects at school and was drawn more to graphics than art because of the communicative, purposeful aspects as well as its creative nature.

The North West is home to a number of great universities linked to arts and media, how would you describe your course at the University of Bolton and what would you say to any prospective students thinking about signing up for design at Bolton?

I’ve found the Graphic Design course at Bolton fantastic and have enjoyed it so much. I actually started out studying Graphic Design at another university but left as I didn’t feel the course was right for me. I subsequently joined Bolton University and never looked back! I would absolutely recommend the design course at Bolton and have already done so on a number of occasions. I would like to make students aware that they shouldn’t be too concerned about the size and status of a university. In my experience, I have much preferred being part of a smaller university and have formed much tighter relationships with tutors which has ultimately benefited my learning a great deal.

What do you think of Bolton’s art scene in general and what do you think it has or lacks in comparison to say the big cities like Manchester?

Being involved in such a rapidly evolving subject, I always felt it was important to get out into Manchester and see what’s going on. There is so much happening in Manchester, more students, agencies, shows, talks and general design-type things, whereas being in Bolton you can feel a little out of the loop. If you want to see these kind of things you have to go further afield. It would be great if Bolton had more of an art scene.

You were recently featured in the University of Bolton magazine ‘The Bolt’ for your success at Wash design agency in Preston. Could you give our student readers an insight into your daily routing at the workshop and what experience you gained? Is it something you would recommend to students in their second year?

I was at Wash for about 3 months, in which time I got to work on live briefs. I would absolutely recommend doing placements, I continued to do them after I left University. You’ll learn a lot that can’t be taught at University, only in a real-life situation. You also get to know the right people by doing placements. They can often be hard to come across but if you do get the opportunity to do a work experience placement then make the most of it!

As a designer, what software would you recommend?

The usual Adobe suite – Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc. I think it’s important not to get too hung up on software and being able to use every program – it’s your eye for design and skills that matter, and if you’ve got that you should be able to apply your talents to any media.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I love to travel and experience different cultures. At home I like baking and cake decoration.

In past interviews with students, we have asked what essential items they feel they could not live without. What would you say are your top 5 items you would hate to be parted with?

My mac, craft knife and cutting mat, scanner, double-sided tape.

What sites would you recommend to designers and what are your favourite social networks?

The important thing is that you do check websites, design blogs, font sites, etc, whichever they are, and keep yourself up to date with what’s going on. Personal favourites of mine are, and The first is a blog kept by Design Director at W+K, Ben Terrett, who posts his random findings and thoughts on design quite regularly. Friends of type has some fabulous hand-drawn and computer generated typography – they have an extensive collection to look through and their site is also updated regularly. Myfonts is a great font finding site, I like the use of ‘tags’ to browse fonts (they also have a great selection of free fonts for all you students!).

Where can we find you online? Which of your followers and friends would you recommend people to follow?

I have a blog which I update regularly:

Here are some of my friends’ and followers blogs that are worth a look through:

Thanks very much Rachel, all the best for the future and keep up the great work!

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