Business Boom Bolton speaks to London-based photographer Cormac McGloin

Hi Cormac, It’s wonderful to continue our interview series with you here on Business Boom Bolton. Can you firstly give our readers a quick introduction into who you are, how your work fits into the creative fields and how you are linked with Bolton.

My name is Cormac McGloin and I’m a portrait and fashion photographer currently based in London. I was born in Bolton, and lived there for 18 years.

What are your roots in education and at what age did you develop a passion for photography?

After secondary school I went to Wigan and Leigh College to study Graphic Design for two years. I then attended London College of Communication, enrolling on a media course but ended up switching to study Photography at the University of East London.

I first realised that I loved photography when I got a little snapshot camera (Canon Ixus 800 IS) while I was in halls, and started pointing it at drunk people on nights out. People started to compliment me on the photos, and when I realised that 30 people all used my shots as their Facebook profile pictures concurrently, that’s when I decided to switch my course to over to photography.

If I’m being honest though, the photography course was just to help me stay in London and develop my connections and experience.

What were your biggest influences in taking up photography and what drives you to create the work you are doing today?

Having come into photography extremely ignorant of the historical and cultural backgrounds surrounding the medium I initially took influences, not from other photographers, but from my experiences as a student, the music I was listening to and the clubs I went to. Now I am influenced by many, many people – ‘Richard Avedon’ was my favourite photographer.

What first attracted you to set up in London and has it met all your expectations? How would you describe its atmosphere and dedication to the arts?

London is the place that has the biggest creative community and industry in England. It’s as simple as that. Why be in the dining room when the party’s in the kitchen?

Like anywhere, you get out of London what you put it. All the resources are here for you to utilise, but you wont get a letter through your door asking you to photograph Kate Moss… well you may do but it wont be legit 😉

There are constantly events for you to attend if you wish. More gallery openings and gigs than you can shake a stick at. There is a definite buzz in London.

You’re from the Bolton area, but how do you think our town compares to London in terms of being a creative community? Do you feel we have enough recognition for the creative businesses and individuals?

From when I was growing up, I found that music was definitely the outlet of choice for most creative people in Bolton. But that’s because music is the only area of the arts that gets a platform there, I never heard of any exhibitions running in Bolton while I was growing up. It’s not something I resent though, people naturally move to places that will be helpful to their work. It would be great though if artists still living in Bolton got some promotion and recognition.

We love your online arts magazine sickmansick, how did the site come about? We’ve noticed you have a team set up to regulate it, what is your role in the group?

I set up SickManSick in 2008 initially as a blog for my work but soon realised that there was a much better way to run it. By promoting other artists and having regular contributors it has developed into a community and expanded organically. ‘Rich Sheehan’, a good friend of mine, and an extremely talented illustrator, has basically been running the site with me since it’s inception.

We read that your work has been featured on some very reputable sites, can you give us an insight into the recognition that your work has received over the years?

My work has been featured on various sites and a few publications. The main and most important form of recognition I get is from the clients that approach me and ask me to shoot them (with a camera).

What is the current equipment you are using for your photography? & Do you have your eyes on any new pieces of technology you would love to add to your kit?

For my studio setup I have (but don’t always use) the following equipment (click to view):

Canon 50D



2 Bowens Gemini R 500W strobe lights

Bowens Ring Flash Pro

Paper back drops

I love gadgets so, I would love to own a lot of camera equipment. But in terms of what I practically want, I’ve got my eye on the up and coming Canon 5D Mark III, as I am getting into video. At some point I would like to get an underwater casing for it too.

Social networking and media are such big forces online in today’s world, What sites attract you the most, for personal and more business use for your photography work?

I have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ A lot of people dismiss Facebook as somehow “unprofessional” yet fail to see it’s marketing potential. I’ve received a lot of commissions through clients seeing my work on there. 

I’m really starting to get into Google+ right now, I started using the trial when it first came out and it’s great to grow my user base as it also grows itself, rather than joining a site that already has hundreds of millions of people. Google has made it very easy to share interesting work with others.

Which members of your twitter followers would you recommend to our creative readers?

 I don’t use twitter as much as I perhaps should so I recommend that you get on Google+!

Thanks Cormac, best of luck with everything in the future!

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