Your Chance to Get Involved in a Brand New Show on Channel 4 – Coming Soon to Bolton!

Calling all artists and designers! Want to get involved in a brand new TV show and show off your creative skills on Channel 4?? Bulk Buy Britain, in association with Storyvault films, is coming soon to the streets of Bolton and it’s a great opportunity for all Boltonians to join in the fun. In order to kick-off the programme, the producers are planning a night of apparent guerilla activity on Monday 24th October, throughout which the town is covered with banners, posters and more in order to display the arrival of the show and portray the town awakening to the presence of Bulk Buy Britain.

How do you get involved? If you’re a keen artist, the team at Storyvault want you to design interesting, current and quirky logos and images to use on the banners. Speaking to the guys at Storyvault, they informed us that they “want to capture the covert atmosphere of the evening and get a real sense that Bolton has transformed overnight into a bulk buying town”. What’s more, they’re looking for “designs that are going to be high impact, original and  look professional. While we are looking for designs that would work on a large-scale i.e. billboards, we are also looking for smaller things that could be achieved over the space of an evening and that will get the people of Bolton talking.” Each site must feature the words Bulk Buy Britain and the Facebook address: If this interests you, get in touch at no later than Friday the 14th October!

The show is about the powers and extraordinary deals available when items are sold in bulk. The more people who are interested in a product, the cheaper the price for the customer! Therefore, if you live in the Bolton area, let the guys at Storyvault know what you are interested in buying in the near future via their Facebook page and see if you can cut yourself a great deal! Alternatively, you might want to be directly involved in the show, if so get in touch today with ourselves or directly via the email address above.

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