From Holcombe Brook to the rest of the world: Reebok’s journey

The resoundingly successful international sportswear company Reebok has a long and fruitful history, but did you know that the original founder was from a village just 6 miles North East of Bolton? Joseph William Foster first established J.W. Foster and Sons in the 1890s in Holcombe Brook after creating a novelty spiked running shoe. Then in 1958, the company was renamed by his grandsons, Joe and Jeff Foster to Reebok, the South African word meaning Gazelle. Reebok merchandise is now available to buy in more than 170 countries, is seen on global superstars around the world and over the years, has sponsored entire sporting leagues such as the NFL, NBA and the NHL.

At some point or other, I’m sure we have all owned a pair of Reebok trainers over the years, but for me there is one type that stands out over the rest; I’m talking of course about the Reebok Pump! These iconic trainers were first created as a high-top basketball shoe in 1989. It was the first shoe to have an internal inflation mechanism to control a unique fitting cushion and with popularity surging in the 1990s, they fast became both a desirable fashion and sportswear item. Nowadays, you can customize your own Reebok Pump on their website to suit your own preferences. For instance, the style pictured here is by Fernanda Pereira, a Portuguese fashion designer that has recently been featured on Zoot. Think you can better it? Why not try it yourself and Business Boom Bolton will feature the best ones on our blog!

Remember Mr Motivator? Why not recapture his look? What comes around…

The Reebok Pumps seen here in this awesome retro advert are not simply a basketball shoe, they are now a massive fashion symbol; although they have been hugely popular over the years, their style is right on trend at the moment being worn by some of the worlds most influential celebrities and appearing in the latest music videos.

In 2006, Adidas-Salomon AG acquired Reebok, becoming the global leader in sporting goods with a gigantic portfolio of products.  If only Mr Foster could see how far his company has come…

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